Stay in Selva di Cadore skiing in Cortina.

01/03/2020 -

Great news in Cortina D 'Ampezzo, an important project is coming: will be inaugurated in December 2021 the new 70-cabins cable car, that from the Tofana Ski Area, the area of Alpine Skiing World Championships in 2021 and of the Winter Olympic Games in 2026, will get skiers directly to the 5 Torri Lagazuoi Ski Area.

An important innovation for Cortina which, after years, will allow a connection between these two ski areas. An additional offer to the numerous investments that Dolomiti Superski manages every year.

But this new connection will be revolutionary not only for Cortina but also for Selva di Cadore and Ski Civetta. From our valley in less than twenty minutes by car or ski bus you can already reach Fedare, go up to Lagazuoi and go down to Alta Badia, and from 2021 it will be possible also skiing in the Ski Area of Cortina d Ampezzo.

So why not choosing our Hotel Garni La Stua to ski in two of the most fascinating ski Areas of the Dolomiti Superski, the Ski Civetta between Mount Pelmo and the Civetta and the Ski Area of Cortina, also refurbished also in view of the Winter Olympic Milano Cortina 2026.


How to reach the Cortina Ski Area from our Garni.

(30 minutes) with the ski bus that leaves every 30 minutes from Pescul and leads to the locality of Fedare / Passo Giau (stop also in Santa Fosca 100 meters from our Garni) or (15 minutes by car) From our Garni to Fedare.

(8 minutes by chairlift) Climb by chairlift from Fedare to the Rifugio Averau .

(15 minutes skiing on foot) From the Rifugio Averau you can ski to the 5 Torri and down to Bai de Dones.

(15 minutes cable car) Cable car Bai de Dones - Son de Prade / Pocol - Tofana

Cortina here we are... :-)

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